Generating chord progressions in F#

This post is part of the F# Advent Calendar 2022

@emneb on 2022-12-10

f# .net music theory

Recently, I discovered a very nice blog post by Leo Cavalcante about trying to capture some musical concepts in F#: Music with F#: The Language and the Note. This prompted me to experiment a bit on my own. What follows is a slightly chaotic record of me trying to capture some basic concepts of music theory in the F# type system. The ultimate goal of this exercise was to devise an easy way to generate chord progressions for any key and mode/scale and export them into Sonic Pi.


@emneb on 2022-12-06


Hi there. This is the first entry on this new blog site of mine.

I'll try to document here some things that I have learned, heard, discovered, or have an occational hot take on. Fair warning, though: it will most probably all be very silly and useless.

Oh, right: mostly about programming, F#, and general .NET. Probably. We'll see.